life is busy. i haven’t written anything in a long time. i’ll make an attempt to post more – i just upgraded from my bernina 1150mda to a babylock evolution. hot damn i am loving this new machine. i’m working on some costumes for my studio’s anniversary gala in a few months time. more on that soon. 🙂

yumiko’s new color charts

i have been meaning to post and share these for a while and am just finally getting around to it. some photos i took of yumiko’s new color charts, since i found the ones from thekoolchicken so helpful in the past. 🙂 i love yumiko’s leotards – they’re so well made and fit beautifully; the fabric and stitching is top notch, and their customer service is stellar. in my opinion, totally worth the wait and the price. i find myself guiltily caving in and growing my yumiko collection although i could sew all of my leotards myself. anyway, i hope these help somebody out there in picking out colours.

image image


go out to walk the dog and enjoy a lazy sunday..  come home with a neighbour’s partially disassembled ipod and a spudger, with the request to debug their malfunctioning replacement battery. find that the hold switch was disabled and pins were shorted on the hard drive the entire time, and get the battery properly hooked up only to realize that the logic board is probably completely fried. still ended up with a lovely jar of homemade marmalade. 🙂

i made a leotard

drafted a pattern, cut some fabric, sewed it up. 

i like wearing this to class even if it does make me look like i might be naked. 

attempting to sew “trim” on was maddening though; wish i had a cover stitch but can’t justify the cost quite yet..